TIP: Keep Your Pets Cool in the Summer

As the weather continues to become warmer it’s not only important to make sure that you beat the heat. It is crucial to make sure that your pets are able to beat the heat. Follow these tips to help ensure that your pet is happy and healthy when temperatures rise.

  • Exercise: When going to exercise your pet it is important to take not of what the temperature is outside. When it comes to dogs it would be best to walk or run them in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures have cooled off.
  • In the car: When traveling with your pet you should never leave your pet in the car. When a car sits in the sun temperatures can rise rapidly and reach very lethal levels. In addition always check that your pets area well ventilated.
  • Hydration: Most animals have a difficult time regulating their own body temperature. In order to help make sure that they have at least 2 bowls of water during the day to make sure that they do not suffer from dehydration. It can also be helpful to put ice inside the bowl to help keep the water cool for a longer period of time
  • For small animals: Smaller pets such as birds or rabbits have a very difficult time staying cool on their own. It is important to make sure that they enclosure is well ventilated and that they have plenty of fresh water. In cases of extreme heat it would be best to bring them indoors if you believe that the heat could pose a serious threat to your pets health.