Bills Sponsored (2016-2017 Session)

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2016-2017 Legislative Session

Bill No. Synopsis
A3 Requires health insurance coverage for treatment of substance use disorders; places certain restrictions on the prescription of opioid and certain other drugs; concerns continuing education related thereto.
A230 Immunizes from civil liability first responders who forcibly enter property to provide emergency assistance.
A276 Provides that certain permits and approvals for critical infrastructure projects must be acted upon within 45 days.
A312 Requires Division of Local Government Services to include certain property tax information on division’s web page.
A365 Eliminates certain sales restrictions on recreational vehicles.
A373 Requires life imprisonment without parole for persons convicted of the murder of a minor under the age of 18 in the course of the commission of a sex crime.
A375 Requires institutions of higher education to provide greater assistanceto certain students with military obligations.
A379 Gives priority to applicants for firearms purchaser identification card and permits to purchase handguns when domestic violence restraining order is in effect.
A390 Doubles amount of certain retirement income that may be excluded from gross income under gross income tax, eliminates income cap on exclusion.
A397 The “Safe Playing Fields Act;” restricts use of lawn care pesticides at child care centers and certain schools, playgrounds, and recreational fields.
A436 Requires natural gas pipeline utilities to repair or replace leaking natural gas pipelines.
A445 Provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns for the NJ World War II Verterans’ Memorial Fund.
A469 Allows certain sole proprietors to join a small employer health benefits purchasing alliance.
A470 Requires DEP and owners of reservoirs to implement certain flood control measures, and authorizes Office of Emergency Management to order lowering of reservoirs in response to severe weather events.
A477 Establishes grant program for school districts to develop in-district and collaborative special education programs and services to reduce need to place classified students out-of-district.
A478 Provides Student Population Density Aid to certain public school districts.
A481 Exempts local governmental units from supplementing titling fees on passenger automobiles they purchase or lease.
A493 Prohibits use of smokeless tobacco in public schools.
A494 Upgrades penalties for certain crimes committed during a state of emergency.
A495 Allows Hurricane Sandy victims to claim gross income tax deduction for certain personal casualty losses.
A502 Establishes crime-fraud exception applicable to marital and civil union partnership privilege.
A503 Prohibits students’ individualized education program or 504 plan to include use of physical restraints or seclusion.
A504 Requires consumer reporting agencies to place security freeze on consumer reports of protected consumers under certain circumstances.
A505 Increases judicial salaries by set amount over multiple years, and there after provides for annual salary cost of living adjustment.
A522 Exempts certain properties acquired by municipalities from county, school, and fire district taxes immediately upon acquisition.
A536 Provides PERS or PFRS member who continues to be volunteer firefighter or emergency services worker after retirement with employer from whom member retires has bona fide severance for compliance with State and federal law.
A542 Requires certain health care facilities to provide information concerning palliative care and hospice care services.
A543 Revises requirements and training standards for first responders under New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety Act of 1987.
A698 Designates “I’m From New Jersey” as the State song.
A706 Requires accountability of NJSPCA and county societies for prevention of cruelty to animals to Attorney General and county prosecutors.
A707 Changes membership of, and election process for, NJSPCA board of trustees.
A708 Requires third-party disbursement service organizations that contract with local government unit or board of education to post bond against failure to meet obligations.
A709 Revises law concerning disposition of assets of a county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals that has dissolved or has had its charter revoked, cancelled, or suspended.
A755 Requires dealership to notify buyers of recalls on used motor vehicles for sale.
A796 Retitles State correction officer as State correctional police officer; clarifies law enforcement powers.
A936 Requires reporting of suspected abuse of institutionalized elderly to police and that facility employees receive notice of reporting requirement annually; designated as “Peggy’s Law.”
A945 Revises school funding law to incorporate recommendations of DOE’s education funding report.
A963 Requires DOT, NJTA, and SJTA to use only native vegetation for landscaping, land management, reforestation, or habitat restoration.
A1053 Makes desecration of a military monument a crime of the third degree.
A1059 Phases out estate tax over five-year period.
A1067 Creates first degree crime of home invasion, makes crime subject to No Early Release Act, and upgrades burglary of a residence to a second degree crime under certain circumstances.
A1133 Requires professional boards to provide for online processing of application for licensure or renewal.
A1175 Allows certain drug dealing offenses to be graded by “units” rather than weight, of controlled dangerous substances.
A1218 Eliminates general purpose, supplemental and mansion realty transfer fees.
A1233 Revises procedures for securing a permit to carry a handgun.
A1238 Limits number of bills member of Legislature may introduce; requires every bill to be heard in committee; requires estimate be prepared of cost of drafting and considering each bill.
A1274 “The Reliability, Preparedness, and Storm Response Act of 2012”; requires public utilities to file certain information concerning emergency preparedness with BPU and increases certain penalties.
A1329 Protects home addresses of law enforcement officers from being released by governmental entities.
A1383 Removes authority of MVC to increase certain fees; sets certain fees by statute.
A1536 Requires hiring preference for veterans in non-civil service jurisdictions.
A1540 Authorizes special Support Our Veterans license plate with proceeds supporting New Jersey homeless veteran’s centers.
A1551 Establishes the State Debt Capacity Advisory Commission.
A1584 Establishes measures to improve transparency and accountability of regional authorities of this State; enhances oversight of those authorities by Governor and State Comptroller.
A1585 Requires sex offenders to note criminal status on social network accounts.
A1586 Authorizes Office of Emergency Management to order lowering of reservoir levels prior to certain severe weather events.
A1587 Prohibits posting of certain personal information on the Internet or misrepresentation of identity on the Internet for the purpose of harassment of a minor child.
A1588 The “New Jersey Right to Home Defense Law.”
A1590 Simplifies the certification process for out-of-State teachers.
A1591 Removes requirement that holder of a special learner’s permit, examination permit, and probationary driver’s license display decal; requires certain novice drivers submit motor vehicle information to chief administrator.
A1592 Expands authority of emergency management departments in requesting assistance outside normal territorial jurisdictions.
A1593 Upgrades the crime of invasion of privacy if it results in death or serious bodily injury to a crime of the second degree.
A1594 Requires counties to fix curbs and surrounding areas when damaged during county road projects.
A1595 Upgrades burglary of a residence to a crime of the second degree; requires mandatory period of parole ineligibility if residence was occupied at time of offense.
A1596 Expands list of crimes with bail restriction to include gun related crimes with mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment under “Graves Act.”
A1597 Allows courts to issue restraining orders prohibiting persons charged with firearms and gang related offenses from entering premises, locations, or areas where the offense occurred.
A1598 Establishes Office of River Maintenance in DEP; repeals P.L.1993, c.376 concerning stream cleaning activities.
A1599 Requires condominium and homeowners’ associations to provide information to federal home loan insurance providers at no cost to potential buyers.
A1600 Modernizes business filing statutes to include entity conversion and domestication.
A1601 Clarifies law authorizing application of reciprocal limitations against businesses from states that give in-state preference in awarding public contracts.
A1602 Concerns proof of workers’ compensation coverage with certain legally required annual reports of employers.
A1603 Permits certain individuals not appointed pursuant to will to control funeral and disposition of human remains of decedent and requires executor to provide notification of appointment and other information to appointee.
A1604 Prohibits adoption of new rules exceeding federal standards unless specifically authorized by State law or necessary to protect public health, safety, or welfare.
A1605 Makes various changes to law governing raffles; requires Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission to create online reporting system and develop single license for conducting multiple games.
A1606 Requires Passaic Valley Water Commission to obtain approval of certain municipalities before entering into certain contracts concerning open-air reservoirs.
A1607 Establishes practice driving requirements for examination and special learner’s permit holders.
A1608 Bars domestic violence defendants from participation in Pretrial Intervention.
A1609 Stipulates that retail motor fuel dealers, when paying interchange fees, shall not be charged for costs associated with certain taxes.
A1610 Establishes the offense of incest.
A1611 Requires evaluation of appropriateness of light frame construction for multiple dwellings and imposes moratorium on light frame construction until determination and recommendations are adopted.
A1612 “Madison Holleran Proper Reporting Act”; requires institutions of higher education to post information on student suicides and attempted suicides on website.
A1614 Requires water purveyors to develop and implement leak detection programs.
A1615 Makes reforms to mental health treatment; clarifies law governing purchase of firearms by persons with history of mental illness.
A1617 Provides sales and use tax exclusion for charges for student parking provided by certain colleges and universities.
A1618 Permits police departments to donate unclaimed bicycles to nonprofit organizations.
A1619 Provides sales and use tax exemption for sales of natural gas, and charges for transportation or transmission of natural gas, to public colleges and universities.
A1620 Requires law enforcement be notified of application to expunge mental commitment record.
A1621 Provides for notice to schools of court-ordered domestic violence restraints restricting contact in schools; increases penalty for violation of such orders.
A1649 Requires local governments and authorities to obtain financing cost estimate from NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust for certain projects.*
A1704 Suspends fines for certain first-time paperwork violations committed by small businesses.
A1875 “HOPE Initiative Act;” requires establishment of public awareness campaign to educate citizens about dangers and causes of, and appropriate responses to, heroin and opioid addiction.
A1905 Requires public utilities and cable television companies to accommodate and relocate facilities when necessary for transportation infrastructure projects at direction of DOT.
A1951 Authorizes restricted breweries to annually sell up to 1,000 barrels of beer to in-State and out-of-state retailers.
A2031 Eliminates duplication and redundancy in registration of certain apartments.
A2167 Establishes sexual assault training requirements for law enforcement officers.
A2176 Criminalizes possession and sale of alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (alpha-PVP) commonly known as “flakka,” or “flocka.”
A2179 Directs Governor to withdraw from compact establishing Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor; dissolves compact and commission; transfers commission’s NJ operations to State Police.
A2368 Permits municipality to establish civil penalty for smoking in public places.
A2430 Requires anyone administered opioid antidote to treat drug overdose be provided with information concerning substance treatment programs and resources.
A2439 Requires DOT Commissioner to develop public awareness programs and use variable message signs to inform motorists about State’s “move over” law.
A2503 Provides protections for individuals with developmental disabilities; upgrades crimes committed against such individuals; and improves transparency and accountability in investigations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of such individuals; designated as “Stephen Komninos’ Law.”
A2729 Establishes special motorcycle license plates for veterans.
A2776 Allows municipality to authorize parking authority as redevelopment entity.
A3047 Creates viticulture trail tourist directional signs.
A3055 Authorizes counties to issue promotional labeling for county agricultural products.
A3130 Increases penalties for energy “slamming” practices.
A3149 Provides for special Bronze Star license plates.
A3152 Establishes requirements concerning necessary care of dogs, domestic companion animals, and service animals, and for tethering of dogs.
A3322 Creates offense of making false child abuse report; permits assessment of penalty.
A3381 Requires electronic health records systems to meet requirements to accept, process, and transmit prescriptions for Schedule II controlled dangerous substance.
A3386 Provides protections for children under the age of 18 with developmental disabilities and individuals with developmental disabilities ages 18-21 receiving services from Division of Children’s System of Care.
A3414 Requires Dept. of Agriculture to create clearinghouse website for vendors to provide surplus food to charities in State.
A3444 “The Smarter Lunchroom Act;” promotes healthy food choices in school cafeterias.
A3550 Requires NJT to offer three-month bus and rail passes at discounted rates.
A3656 Prohibits snowplow or de-icing service contract from indemnifying promisee against liability for loss or damage in certain instances.
A3821 Clarifies scope of affordable housing obligations.
A3893 Requires labeling of poisonous plants sold at retail in NJ.
A4034 Establishes “Monica’s Law” requiring evidence-based risk assessments in certain domestic violence cases.
A4040 Requires training for law enforcement officers and assistant county prosecutors concerning handling of domestic violence cases.
A4045 Establishes Statewide program to provide treatment services for children exposed to domestic violence.
A4052 Requires State to award certain property tax credits as rebates.
A4096 Guarantees full and equal access to all housing to disabled persons who retain their retired service or guide dog as a pet, and who also obtain a new service or guide dog.
A4118 Authorizes annual issuance of permit to sell alcoholic beverages at seasonal farm market.
A4139 Requires health care facilities to test for and remediate lead in drinking water, and disclose test results.
A4163 Clarifies DCA rulemaking authority over free-standing residential health care facilities, and prohibits eviction of residents from such facilities, except for good cause.
A4326 Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend additional sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2017.
A4327 Amends list of environmental infrastructure projects approved for long-term funding for FY2017 to include new projects and revise allowable loan amounts for already approved projects.
A4329 Allows certain emergency squad volunteers holding municipal elective office to vote on emergency squad concerns.
A4352 Provides for elimination of newly formed non-operating school districts; establishes procedures for eliminating deficit that existed prior to merger; authorizes renting of school building for 10 years.
A4399 Establishes Gold Star Family Counseling Program in DMVA; creates tax credit for certain health care professionals.
A4401 Authorizes certain benefits for certain family members of military personnel who died while on active duty.
A4402 Requires DMVA to notify county veterans’ affairs office of death of certain military service members; requires office to have Gold Star liaison.
A4403 Requires Adjutant General to create informational webpage for Gold Star families.
A4467 Clarifies that authorized persons and entities may administer a single dose of any opioid antidote, or multiple doses of any intranasal or intramuscular opioid antidote to overdose victims, with immunity under “Overdose Prevention Act.”
A4482 Allows for cancellation of certain service contracts without paying early termination fee if customer becomes deceased prior to end of service contract.
A4503 “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act;” requires Internet-connected devices to have blocking capability in certain circumstances.
A4522 Allows hospice care programs to accept unused prescription medications for disposal under certain circumstances.
A4537 Extends eligibility for veterans’ property tax deduction and disabled veterans’ property tax exemption to members of the United States Armed Forces assigned to the rescue and recovery mission at the World Trade Center between September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002.
A4580 Appropriates $2,900,000 from “2009 Farmland Preservation Fund” for grants to certain nonprofit organizations for farmland preservation purposes.
A4581 Appropriates $22,385,743 to State Agriculture Development Committee for farmland preservation purposes.
A4582 Appropriates $32.5 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants.
A4583 Appropriates $2,988,859 from 2009 Historic Preservation Fund and constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to provide capital preservation grants for certain historic preservation projects.
A4584 Appropriates $7,500,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues for planning incentive grants to municipalities for farmland preservation purposes.
A4630 Repeals law regulating charges assessed by a miller for grinding grain.
A4631 Establishes State food waste reduction goal of 50 percent by 2030.
A4663 Permits operation of low-speed electric bicycles.
A4664 Provides gross income tax credits for certain taxpayers who donate organs.
A4665 Provides gross income tax credits for certain taxpayers who provide blood donations.
A4666 Imposes moratorium on affordable housing litigation through December 31, 2017.
A4667 Establishes “Affordable Housing Obligation Study Commission.”
A4691 Requires institutions of higher education to enter into collective Statewide reverse transfer agreement.
A4763 Excludes amount of certain early withdrawals from qualified retirement plans in determination by Higher Education Student Assistance Authority of applicant’s eligibilty for and amount of State tuition aid grant.
A4811 Requires MVC to offer driver’s license knowledge test in Italian.
A4812 Requires prescriptions for animals to be issued in name of animal owner; prohibits unnamed persons from possessing prescribed drugs; and requires Prescription Monitoring Program to include information about controlled substances prescribed by veterinarians.
A4814 Prohibits investment of pension and annuity funds by State in entities that avoid Superfund obligations to State.
A4816 Requires ambulatory care facilities to provide patients with list of fees and itemized bill upon request, with opportunity to appeal charges.
A4859 Establishes additional penalties related to child pornography and expands crime to include portrayal of child in sexual manner; establishes crime of leader of child pornography network.
A4864 Dedicates $140,000 from NJ Brain Injury Research Fund for community based services provided by Statewide alliance dedicated to assisting persons with brain injury through advocacy, education, information and resources, outreach, and support services.
A4882 Permits transfer of certain special license plates to immediate family member.
A4896 Clarifies that violation of “New Jersey Insurance Fraud Prevention Act” results in loss of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage in certain circumstances; provides certain coverage for innocent persons in event of fraudulent actions by policyholders.
A4899 Requires DOT to conduct study and issue report on use of rock salt on roadways.
A4906 Requires public and nonpublic schools to notify students and parents of availability of summer meals programs and locations where meals are served.
A4949 Authorizes temporary waiver from requirement that farm winery use NJ grown fruit.
A4993 Permits certain firefighter training courses to be taken online.
A4996 Authorizes NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018.
A4998 Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018.
A5025 Requires COAH to administer affordable housing obligations of municipalities based on statewide obligation.
A5026 Authorizes municipal challenge to non-redevelopment housing projects ordered by COAH unless order is based on exclusionary zoning; excludes flood-prone land from affordable housing vacant land analysis; provides housing obligation cap.
A5027 Requires COAH to calculate affordable housing obligations on Statewide basis.
A5028 Establishes additional factors for municipal adjustment used in calculating fair share affordable housing obligations; provides population-based cap for these obligations.
A5029 Prohibits affordable housing obligation exemptions for urban aid municipalities.
A5030 Prohibits imposition of builder’s remedy in exclusionary zoning litigation.
A5044 Appropriates $8,992,898 to DEP from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues and various Green Acres funds for grants to certain nonprofit entities to acquire or develop lands for recreation and conservation purposes.
A5045 Appropriates $71,700,224 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues and various Green Acres funds to DEP for local government open spaces acquisition and park development projects.
A5046 Appropriates $12.3 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues for recreation and conservation purposes to DEP for State capital and park development projects.
A5080 Restricts certain practices by carriers and pharmacy benefits managers related to medications and drugs.
A5081 Allows veteran to establish veterans’ preference retroactively for civil service employment list.
A5113 Concerns baked goods sold at farm markets.
A5147 Requires publication of certain information related to toll discounts on E-ZPass website.
A5148 Permits run-of-the-river hydropower facilities to be eligible as Class I renewable energy.
A5188 Mandates that “Honor and Remember Flag” be displayed at certain public buildings.
A5194 Allows expanded use of recycled asphalt pavement.
A5208 Authorizes NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend additional sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2018; allocates funds from Local Aid Infrastructure Fund for operating and administrative expenses for transportation infrastructure purposes.
A5210 Expands background check requirements for entities that provide services to individuals with certain disabilities and requires inspections of certain entities.
A5220 Exempts certain motor vehicles that provide service to persons with developmental disabilities from motor vehicle registration fees.
A5232 Establishes reciprocity requirements for out-of-State certified nurse aides and personal care assistants to practice in New Jersey.
A5321 Appropriates $4,990,934 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for grants for certain historic preservation projects.
A5323 Clarifies provisions concerning expungement of certain criminal records.
AR219 Urges relevant federal and State authorities to investigate actions taken by Argentinian state oil company to discharge Superfund obligations through bankruptcy proceedings.
AR234 Urges Congress not to eliminate property tax deduction allowable under federal tax law.
AR237 Urges animal shelters and pounds in NJ to adopt “no-kill” policies by no later than 2025.
AR250 Urges Argentina to fulfill its Superfund obligations for Passaic River and elsewhere.
AR251 Urges EPA to accelerate cleanup of 17-mile Lower Passaic River portion of Diamond Alkali Superfund site.
AR283 Urges AG to take action to recover from Amtrak costs NJT will incur to address service disruptions resulting from Amtrak’s New York Pennsylvania Station repairs.
AR284 Urges Metropolitan Transit Authority to provide E-ZPass discounts to residents of NJ.
AR285 Urges NJTA and Metropolitan Transportation Authority to enter into reciprocity agreement to provide E-ZPass discounts to residents of New York and NJ.
AR298 Urges FCC to vote against order eliminating regulations enacted to maintain “net neutrality.”
AJR18 Designates October of each year as “Opioid Abuse Prevention Month.”
AJR44 Urges Governor and Legislature of New York to enact legislation requiring Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor to accept applications for inclusion of new employees to longshoremen’s register.
AJR45 Urges DEP to suspend certain actions concerning open-air reservoirs until after EPA completes its next scheduled review of certain guidelines.
AJR72 Designates September 17 through September 23 of each year as “Constitution Week.”
AJR86 Honors 100th anniversary of NJ Nursery and Landscape Association.
AJR96 Designates month of May of each year as “Mental Health Awareness Month.
AJR112 Designates April of each year as “Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month.”
AJR126 Commemorates establishment and service of the New Jersey State Police and celebrates 95th anniversary of first graduating class.
AJR136 Disapproves of Federal Highway Administration determination that “thin blue line” between double-yellow centerline marking does not comply with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.
AJR142 Designates first week of May of each year as “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.”
ACR13 Urges Congress to reforms addressing sexual harassment and assault in the United States Armed Forces.
ACR34 Urges Congress to enact the “Keeping All Students Safe Act”.
ACR249 Proposes amendment to New Jersey Constitution to prohibit exclusionary zoning and clarify municipal obligations regarding affordable housing construction.
ACR250 Proposes constutional amendment to require Statewide calculation of affordable housing obligation.

Bill information updated as of 1/17/18