TIP: Saving Gas While Driving

Planing on taking a road trip this summer? Heading down to the beach for a day trip? The price of a gallon of gas has exceeded well over three dollars a gallon for some consumers. By following these simple and effective tips you can save a trip to the pump and keep your wallet in your pockets.

  • Drive the speed limit: Not only is driving the speed limit safer and will reduce the chance of being pulled over it can make a true difference when it comes to gas milage. You may not get to your destination on time, but it will help conserve fuel. Consumer reports have shown that you can save 14 cents a gallon by reducing your speed from 70mph to 65mph.
  • Properly inflate your tires: To help save gas reducing your rolling resistance will make a significant difference. With a lower rolling resistance your automobile will consume less fuel.
  • Use the air-conditioning at the right time: Running your air conditioning can be an easy way to burn through gas at a rapid pace. The best time to use the air conditioning is while driving on the highway. While moving at a slower pace or in stop and go traffic the windows provide a much cheaper alternative.
  • Keep it clean: Cleaning out your automobile will not only help you cut back of the unnecessary weight you may be carrying around. For every 100 pounds of materials in your car you will lose one to two percent of your cars fuel efficiency.