Report a Scam or Fraudulent Activity

If you have or anyone you know has been contacted by a scam, or become aware of fraudulent activity you can fill out the form below to report it to my office. Once it is received, my staff will follow up with you to confirm the submission or request additional information if it is needed.

Reports will be submitted to local law enforcement agencies, the Attorney General in New Jersey, or the appropriate entity in the federal government (eg. the FTC, the IRS, the US Postal Service, the FCC). To see the full list of federal agencies that reports will be sent to, look at the “Report Fraud and Scams” section on the <a
Identify Fraud and Scams page on the federal government’s online information website

When filling out the report, include as much information about the scam such as:

  • the name of the company / organization that contacted you
  • phone number or email address that contacted you
  • a copy of the email the was sent
  • any details from the call or voice message – a transcription if possible
  • the website URL
  • details from the letter, if received by mail

Any information from a constituent is held to the highest level of confidentiality and will always be protected. Your name and contact information will always be kept private.

The form below requests permission include contact information when reporting scams to other governmental agencies. This information is requested in case the agency needs to follow up with you to obtain more information on the scam.

The form also requests permission to create a public service announcement about the scam. Scam Alerts are useful tools to let others know of potential threats and what to watch out for,  and are especially helpful when scams target specific communities or groups.

    I grant your office permission to include my contact information when submitting this report to governmental agency(s).Do not include my contact information when submitting this report to governmental agency(s).

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