TIP: Packing for a Vacation

At one point or another we have all struggled when it comes to packing for vacation or just a weekend getaway. Here are some tips to help you pack smart and make the dreadful picking process easy

  • What to pack for a short trip: If you are going away for the weekend and you do not know how to pack it is always helpful to look at the upcoming weather forecast. Having a good idea of how the weather is going to be can help you make informed decisions on what to pack.
  • What to put in the bag first: The best item to pack first if shoes. By putting the largest and heaviest piece of clothing toward the bottom of you bag will help the bag remain balanced and will help your your clothing items remain in good shape.
  • Jewelry: It is always best to wear your jewelry when you travel. This will help make sure you know exactly where your valuables are and help prevent theft. This will also help make sure that you do not over pack on jewelry.
  • What goes on top: When packing leave very accessible items at the top of your bag. Leave your phone charger or sweater toward the top of the bag so you can grab the item efficiently.