TIP: Spring Cleaning

As winter slowly exits our lives, this is the perfect time for some Spring cleaning. This is the time of the year when you have the ability to get rid of things, clean your room, clean the cars, clean the garage and prepare for nicer weather. Spring cleaning can also mean outside gardening, landscaping, and preparing the yard for you to utilize during the warm weather. This is a great time to open those windows to let the cool air flow through while breaking out the cleaning supplies.

A new start can always be helpful to clear your mind and set focus, so use spring cleaning to your advantage. Make this a fresh new start!

Here are some helpful tips to remember for spring cleaning:

  • Make a schedule, don’t exhaust yourself and do everything in one day
  • Always work from top to bottom
  • Make sure the vacuum is working
  • Don’t forget about the kitchen and bathroom
  • Make sure you use gloves and play it safe while using cleaning products
  • The ceiling fans collect a lot of dust, don’t forget to wipe them down
  • Throw out old food in the refrigerator
  • Get the whole family involved
  • Don’t be afraid to throw things away
  • Prepare to do a lot of laundry
  • Listen to music while you clean