TIP: Driving in the Rain

The famous ‘April showers’ that we all know of are approaching faster than we think. Dealing with rain, especially while driving can be very dangerous. The roads can become slippery, hard to drive on, and oil can spread. It is important to take things slow, remain calm, and focus on your driving to stay safe during the rain. When the weather gets warmer, we often see fog with the rain and this could lead to not having clear visibility while on the roads. Fog will begin to form when there is too big of a temperature gap between the air temperature and the dew point. Another factor that can play a big part is the wind. If the storm is bad enough the wind speeds can pick up and make it harder to drive.


Here are some helpful tips to remember while driving in the rain and fog:

  • Turn on your headlights so other cars can see you in the darkness
  • Give the vehicles around you more space
  • Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel
  • If you drive a convertible or have a sunroof, double check to make sure it is closed
  • AAA urges drivers to beware of hydroplaning, if it happens stay calm
    • Always look and steer in the direction in which you want the car to go
    • Try not to slam on the brakes this will upset the vehicle’s balance and can make it harder to control
  • Avoid driving in cruise control
  • If the road is flooded, do not drive through it. It can be a lot deeper than you think
  • Be courteous to other drivers and be aware of your surroundings