TIP: Preparing for Back to School

With back to school time slowly creeping around the corner here are some tips for parents to make the most exciting time of the year a little easier.

      Get to know the teacher: Every child fears that they will not like their new teacher. take advantage of open house nights or office hours and break the ice with the new teacher. This will help have a better understanding of who your child will be spending a majority of their days with.

     Tour the school: Get a good look at the school. Get to know where your child will be and try and meet as many teachers and faculty as you can. 

      Make Friends: Become friends with other parents are the school. This can help with carpooling and playing other after school activities.

     Communicate: Always talk to you children about how their day was and what is planned for tomorrow. This will help make sure that there are no surprises and you are always prepared for the next day.