TIP: Going to the Beach

Summer is behind us, but you may be able to catch a few last good days to spend at the beach! Follow these consumer tips to help plan your beach day and help ensure your day is nothing but fun in the sun.

     Pick the Right day: Before picking a day to head out to the beach always keep yourself up to date with the weather forecast. Spending your day on a cloudy beach is not ideal make sure you pick a clear day with a low chance of rain or other unfortunate weather. 

     Pack your meal: Finding a good place to eat near a beach can be a bit more difficult than it sounds. Pack your own meal so you do not have to leave the beach and lose your spot or struggle to find good food.

     Pack your bag: Along with your meal its always important to pack the essentials. Make sure you pack water, sunscreen, and some cash to ensure you are prepared for anything.

     Always be thoughtful: When going to the beach make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and those surrounding you. Always  make sure you clean up after yourself and leave no mess behind. 

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