TIP: Data Breach

In recent news, it has been broadcasted about several companies being hit with a data breach. These data breaches are exposing thousands of customers personal contact information, and making them more vulnerable for hackings. Recently, Panera Bread, one of the companies breached, estimated that close to 10,000 customers had been affected. Panera is not the only company to have been affected, companies like Saks and Lord & Taylor have also been hit with a data breach. A spokesperson from Hudson Bay said in a statement that the company had “taken steps to contain” the breach.


If you think your Credit card may have been affected visit https://www.lordandtaylor.com, or call the credit card company immediately. So far Panera has not made a statement, or listed a place to go if you think your information has been put in jeopardy. It is important to protect your personal finances and keep track of the spending.


During a data breach it is a good idea to check your account for suspicious activity. Here are some tips to make sure your information is safe after a breach:


  • Check for any accounts or charges you don’t recognize

  • Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity immediately

  • If you notice suspicious activity, place an immediate freeze on your card so that it cannot be used until the suspicious activity has been handled

  • Change your pin numbers and passwords

  • Think about signing up for identity protection that includes recovery

  • Be aware of phishing attacks

  • Take advantage of any free credit monitoring offers by the affected company