TIP: Pet Microchips

Do you ever worry about losing your dog? The Microchip is an implanted device that can help you track them if they get lost. The chip is small, and gets placed in between your pet’s shoulder blades and generally costs $50. This little chip can save the lives of hundreds of dogs, and keep families together. It is important that the chip is placed by a vet so that it does not hurt the dog. The microchip should be something you want to consider if you own a dog or any animal that ventures outside frequently.


Luckily, NJ Strays and Phillipsburg Animal Control are offering FREE microchips. If you are interested you can call (973)324-7925 ext. 1 to schedule an appointment. The event will be happening Sunday May 20, 2018 in Phillipsburg. The microchip can help save your dog if they were to ever get lost.


Here are some tips if you plan to Microchip your pup:

  • It is a very easy procedure
  • Your dog will not be in pain, it is comparable to a human pinch while giving blood
  • The chip will contain all the information you need
  • Register the microchip with the most up-to-date information
  • Once the chip is in your dog, it cannot be lost
  • The microchip database is nationwide, so if you decide to move or if your pet crosses state lines you will still be able to find them