TIP: The Hazards of Charging Phone & Tablet

A new study shows 53 percent of children and teens charge their cellphones and tablets under a bed or pillow. This can cause a high risk of fires. Officials warned that leaving your device in these locations could be extremely dangerous because the heat generated from the charger cannot dissipate. Therefore, the charger can overheat and result on the pillow or bed catching on fire. Here are ways to stay safe to charge to avoid fires with charging your phone/tablet:

  • Unapproved Charging Devices: Generic chargers are easy to find however, it is not the safe. Each devices requires a different level of charge, and a generic device runs the risk of putting too much charge into a device, causing the battery to overheat
  • Battery Failure: Overcharging is not only cause of battery failure but it can cause a fire.
  • Be aware of external heat such as leaving your phone out in the sun. Mechanical abuse, such as dropping or denting the phone. Also, manufacturing defects, such as those devices that are recalled due to causing fires
  • Never charger devices overnight. Most portable devices are designed to stop charging when the battery is full therefore; it can overheat and cause a fire.
  • Place the device being charged on a hard flat surface.
  • Do not place phones/tablets on unattended on couches or beds that will overheat and be exposed to flammable materials
  • Inspect chargers for wear or damage. Frayed or damaged cords should be discarded immediately and replaced to prevent sparks and fires.
  • Remove the charger from the outlet when it is not charging. A wire left unplugged can cause a risk of a fire with a short circuit or contact with water.