TIP: Money Reimbursement for Carnival Cruise Telemarketing Call

Between the months of July 2009 and March 2014, if you received a pre-recorded telemarketing call from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines about a free cruise you may be eligible for up to $900 in compensation. These pre-recorded calls sent by a company hired by these cruise lines to promote business were a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Due to this violation, a class-action lawsuit was brought to court. A settlement was reached between the cruise lines and the plaintiffs of the lawsuit that allows receivers of the call to be eligible for $300 in reimbursement per call, up to three calls.

Here are the ways to see if you are eligible and to receive your compensation:

  • Go to this website and file a claim: https://www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Landing.aspx
  • Select if you received or did not receive a claim number and if you did not receive a claim number search your number in the database.
  • If you have a claim number or your number is in the database, file a claim before November 3, 2017 to receive your compensation.

Follow this link to stay up to date on class-action lawsuits and compensation.