SCAM ALERT: O&R Customers Beware New Bill Payment Scam on Facebook

PEARL RIVER, NY May 8, 2018 — O&R warned its customers today about a new phony bill-payment scheme — this time in Spanish on Facebook — in which crooks pose as “consultants” who offer to help customers pay their debts. In reality, the crooks are stealing the customers’ money.

The thieves say on Facebook that if customers wire a percentage of their “electric, cable, cell phone or any utility bill” to the scammers, the crooks will put up the difference to fully pay the bill. The example the phony post uses is if a customer’s bill is $250, the customer can wire the thief $150 and thief will cover the rest.

It looks too good to be true. That’s because it isn’t true. The scammer doesn’t cover the customer’s bill. The scammer steals the customer’s money.

To make things worse, after the customer sends the payment to the scammer, the thieves send the customer a bogus 646 phone number for the customer to call to confirm that their payment was received by the company and the bill was paid in full.

Once again, not true. No payment was made on the account. The thieves stole the customer’s money that was intended to pay the bill, the thieves had no intention of helping retire the debt and the bill still needs to be fully paid.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have questions about your O&R bill payment, call O&R Customer Service directly at (877) 434-4100 or email us.