Consumer Tip: Phone Travel Tips for your Next Vacation

In addition to your family and friends, your phone is probably your most reliable travel companion. Listed below are ways to use your phone to enhance your holiday trip. All the suggestions below are free over WiFi but if you are not on WiFi, it will charge cellular data.

  • Use Google Assistant as a Translator: Available on both IPhones and Android devices, this feature allows you to immerse in the culture of the place you are visiting. According to Google, the Assistant speaks 44 languages.
  • Download Maps for Offline Use: Open Google Maps app and search for your next destination then, select “Download offline map” and it will allow you to see your route without using data.
  • Using Apps to make Calls: Consider using Skype or Google Voice to make regular phone calls for a small fee depending on the country you are calling from. You can also use the WhatsApp which is free but the person you are trying to contact must have the app as well.