TIP: Summer Vacation Rentals

It’s summer time, and that means many people will be heading to new and exciting places for their family vacations. While planning your trip, be aware of potential frauds and scams that you may come across, and know that there are ways to vacation safely. Here are some tips to help recognize and avoid some of the most popular types of vacation scams:

1) Be suspicious of a “no cost” vacation.

2) If you are unfamiliar or new to trip planning, it may be wise to seek advice from a travel agent

3) Make sure to keep a good record of all your expenses. Try to have all the trip details in writing. Especially cancellation penalties, refund policies,

and additional charges like taxes and services.

4)  Using a credit card as a form of payment is a great way to have peace of mind. It is more secure and easier to be refunded if the trip is a scam.

5) Try keeping a record. Asking for the full name of anyone you speak to and all contact information is a great way to keep your trip organized and it will be a lot easier to spot something that may raise a red flag.