TIP: Successfully Passing College Midterms

Not becoming stressed out, and remaining focused and calm can be hard for college students during midterm week. As the month of March begins college students will begin to schedule study times, exam times, and tutoring sessions due to midterms. Midterm exams can be a very stressful time for students, knowing that they have to work hard and study hard to pass the exam. A student’s GPA is extremely important, and midterm exams can have a huge impact on a college student’s GPA. Students understand how important their GPA is to their college success, and know that midterm exams impact their GPA greatly. Passing midterm exams is another step toward the diploma all students are studying long hours for.

Midterm exams can be scary, but with helpful tips they can become easier on a student. College students are very smart, and with dedication and these tips students can pass their exams!

So as college students are preparing for midterm exams, here are some helpful tips:
• Get plenty of rest the night before your exam
• Make a study schedule. With busy classes and work schedules college students may get lost in time and forget to study, but with a schedule you will never miss a study session
• Write things out, research has proven that people remember things better when they write things out
• Meet with your professor, a study group, or a tutor
• Don’t procrastinate, start studying early
• Try putting your phone on do not disturb so it does not become a distraction
• With some nicer weather in the air, take your studying outside and get some fresh air
• During your exam, take your time and double check your answers