TIP: Students Waiting for College Acceptances

Senior year of high school can be a stressful time for students. Deciding on whether you want to enter the workforce or continue your education can be very stressful. As March and April quickly approach, students all over New Jersey are patiently waiting and hoping that they will receive that college acceptance letter in the mail. Some students, have already received letters from some of the schools they applied to, and others are still waiting to hear back from others on their list. Checking the mail everyday or waiting for that acceptance email can distract and put a lot of stress on high school seniors. Although it is the last year of high school it is still important to stay focused on your education.

Here are some tips for students while waiting for those college letters:

  • Enjoy your last year of high school with your friends
  • Make memories that will last a lifetime
  • Stay on top of your homework and study for all your exams
  • Schedule college tours and visits
  • Talk to other students who are waiting to hear back from the same school as you
  • Research the schools you sent your applications to. Know what classes they offer, what majors they offer, what campus life is like
  • Have other options, if you do not get into your top school have a backup school
  • Pick up a new hobby to distract yourself from worrying about that acceptance letter
  • Don’t stress, everything will work out for you in the end