TIP: Preparing to Move

Moving is known to be a very stressful time. Whether you are moving into a new house, apartment, condo, college dorm room, or a new office it is crucial to not stress out and become overwhelmed during the process.

Here are some tips to remember while moving:

  • It is okay to throw things out. Often people keep things from move-to-move that they do not need and will never use, don’t stress yourself out just throw it out
  • Label all of your boxes. It makes it easier when you get to the new place and are beginning to unpack
  • If you are making a big move, think about doing some research and hiring a moving company
  • Create a packing list, and place things into categories
  • Make goals, if you know that you are moving in four weeks make weekly or daily goals so you are not stuck packing everything last minute
  • Make sure you have enough boxes, tape, and moving equipment
  • Protect your fragile items with bubble wrap or blankets. The last thing you will need is a broken vase or mirror, so just wrap it up for protection