TIP: Making Sure You Pick a Credit Card That’s Right for You

There are so many different options for credit cards today, how do you know which one will be the right card for you? Consider these consumer tips to help you find the perfect credit card.


– Print or make a checklist of all the cards you are considering, that way you can have a side by side comparison of all your different offers.

– Remember, pre-screened credit card offers can easily be stolen from your mail or garbage. It is a good idea to opt out of these offers, in order to protect yourself.

– Know how you plan to use the credit card. Your spending habits, such as whether you plan to pay off the balance every cycle, if you plan to carry a balance, or if this card is your primary purchasing method, should have an impact on the card you choose.

– Make sure you consider the interest rate, the spending limit, and fees for each credit card. All of these will impact your monthly balance and how much the credit card costs.

– Similarly, you should consider if there are any incentive programs that are associated with the credit card. Some cards offer things like “cash back” or “points”.

– There are many websites such as NerdWallet.com and CreditLoan.com that have very useful tools. They review more than 1000 credit offers based on your individual circumstance. For example, CreditLoan.com’s website offers a comprehensive credit card guide, credit card reviews, side by side comparisons, and even rate different cards by type and issuer.


Using these tips and always being aware of your financial situation will help to give you the best options when looking for the perfect credit card.