TIP: Mail Fishing Scam

Recently, police in North Jersey have seen an increasing amount of mail fishing theft. Thieves are prowling the streets of North Jersey searching for potential checks to be cashed. Police have caught numerous people, and have actually seen suspects in the act. These terrible incidents have caused the U.S. postal officials to mount a multi-pronged defense to educate residents on ways to protect their mail. The U.S. postal service has been working on this, and operating this very closely. These incidents have caused this to become a federal investigation.  


People place so much trust on their personal mailboxes at the curb of their property, but now it is time to think different about your mailbox. If you find that you have fallen victim to a mail fishing theft please report it to your local authorities as soon as you become aware. After you report it to the police, then you should call Postal Inspectors at 877-876-2455 (press 3)


Here are some helpful tips to protect your mail:


  • Try not to leave you mail in your home mailbox overnight
  • Ask your bank for “secure” checks that can’t be altered
  • If you are not home when your mail is delivered, ask someone you trust to grab it for you
  • Pay attention and know when you are expecting checks in the mail
  • Avoid dropping mail in collection boxes over weekends or  on nights before holidays
  • Think about investing in security camera outside your home
  • Think about upgrading your mailbox to have a lock
  • Try and avoid sending money through the mail