TIP: Keeping Your Child Safe During Football Camp

September has arrived, and as we start the fall we also start football training camp. Most high school and middle school football teams will be starting up their season this month in full pads. Here are some tips to make sure your child is safe during one of the most grueling parts of their season.

     Make an emergency action plan: In the event that your child is injured or falls ill while on the field make sure you know the proper course of action to take and make sure you know the fastest route when seeking medical attention.

     Equipment check: Once your child receives their equipment it may be beneficial to look over it yourself. Make sure that all pads fit properly and that their helmet is up to you standard and is secure around your child’s head.

     Concussions: Make sure your child knows the signs of a concussion. This way if they see a teammate with a concussion they can help ensure that they are removed from the practice field.

     Hydration: Make sure your child is hydrated. While out in the heat with pads on your child can become dehydrated easily. Make sure your child is staying hydrated at all times and not just before a game or practice.