TIP: How To Avoid A Hot Car After Parking In The Summer

There is nothing worse than sitting in a boiling hot car. The burn from the hot seat and the irritating back sweat is not the way anyone wants to start their day. Try out these tips to keep your car cool on a hot summers day.

  • Block the sun out: Use sun shades to help keep the sun light out of your car. Keeping the sun light out of the car will help lower the temperature inside the car. Another option to keep the sunlight out is window tints. This may be a more expensive option but consumer reports show that it is an effective way to keep the temperature down.
  • Parking: An easy and effective way to keep your car cool is closing the right place to park. Try and park in a covered or shaded area. These areas are often cooler and will make a significant difference when temperatures are rising.
  • Cracking a window: Before you leave your automobile try and leave a window or two slightly open. Having some fresher air circulating can make a difference in making sure your car is cool. It is important to make sure that you do not leave your windows open to much in order to prevent theft.
  • Using the AC: Consumer Reports have said that when you first enter your vehicle to roll down your back windows and turn the AC on full blast. This will cause the hot air to be pushed out while cold air flows in.