TIP: Finding a Summer Internship

The Spring of 2018 semester is quickly coming to a close for college students. Now is the time to start find summer jobs, internships, housing, etc.. Many college students are looking for internships that closely align with their career goals, which can be challenging if a student waits too long to apply. With school on break and days free there is no better time for an internship than the summertime.  


It is always helpful to have people who can write you recommendation letters, refer you to jobs, and who can set you up with prospective employers. It is also extremely helpful to learn about the job industry. An internship is the perfect place to make new connections.


Here are some tips while looking for a summer internship:

  • Identify prospective employers  
  • Make schedule for when the applications are due
  • Send in your applications earlier rather than later
  • Spell check your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Have letters of reference prepared
  • Be honest about your availability
  • Apply for several internships
  • Have knowledge about the internship you are applying for
  • Look for something that fits your career goals
  • Ask people to refer you to places and make connections

If you are interested in an internship in our office we are always looking for help. You can email your Resume and Cover Letter to AJohnston@njleg.org