TIP: Cleaning Gutters

After a long winter, now is a good time to start preparing your outside to be ready for the warmer weather. April is known to bring a lot of rain, so it is very important that the gutters on your house are clear and not clogged. During the winter, gutters can often get clogged up or worn down from the heavy snow and ice. Make sure your gutters are ready for the nicer weather.

Here are some helpful tips when cleaning out your gutters:

  • Have a good extendable ladder available
  • Wear a shirt with long sleeves, along with gloves
  • Use a garden hose
  • Unclog The Downspouts
  • Be Mindful of Power Line Hazards
  • Let someone know you are cleaning your gutters
  • Rake leaves and other debris off the rooftop first
  • Wear rubber shoes when walking on the rooftop
  • Use a plastic gutter scooping tool
  • Wear proper eyewear