Rooney seeks answers to questionable hires at SDA with OPRA request

WAYNE, N.J. – Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney has filed an Open Public Records request seeking answers to the questions about the qualifications of new hires at the Schools Development Authority. A report this week outlined how the chief executive officer of the SDA hired 38 new people since August, some for higher salaries than the workers who were replaced even though they were inexperienced. “The Murphy administration’s hiring practices continue to be problematic and need to be fully vetted,” said Rooney (R-Bergen).  “Governor Murphy has tried to represent himself as an outsider in a state notorious for its corruption.  But he hasn’t done a good job keeping good company.  He surrounds himself with cronies who have their own cronies.” Rooney is seeking the resumes for those hired at the agency from Jan. 1, 2018, to the present and for those on staff before Murphy became governor.  Additionally, he requested a payroll list with dates of separation. In 2002, Gov. Jim McGreevey issued Executive Order 26 requiring disclosure of the resumes of government employees and appointees so that the public can see the qualifications of those serving in government.  “It is simply unacceptable that people with past-corruption charges, or have been accused of fraud, or have been accused of rape, or only are wholly unqualified for their jobs, to populate the state workforce,” concluded Rooney.# # # To read a copy of the letter, visit