Rooney Pro-Consumer Resolution Calls For Maintaining Net Neutrality

TRENTON, N.J. – To ensure consumers have equal access to the internet, Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney has introduced a resolution supporting net neutrality. The measure urges the Federal Communications Commission to oppose a proposal repealing regulations enacted in 2015 to maintain net neutrality.

“Net neutrality levels the playing field. Repealing it will allow a handful of players to control the internet which has become a basic need for consumers,” said Rooney (R-Bergen). “It will stifle competition and innovation, giving consumers less choice over the services they can utilize. Maintaining equal access to all content, whether breaking news or the latest cat video, regardless of internet service provider, is essential.”

The FCC recently introduced a proposal to reverse regulations implemented two years ago ensuring Internet providers treat all websites equally.

Maintaining net neutrality is vital because it affects every part of the web. It allows for the free flow of information on the Internet, and removes the threat of censorship or discrimination. Rooney noted that if it is repealed, giant telecom corporations will have a monopoly on what should be considered a utility, like running water or electricity. Internet providers will have the power to interfere with connections for any reason. If it is repealed, net neutrality is likely gone forever.