Rooney/Bramnick E-ZPass bills protecting New Jersey drivers wins Assembly approval

TRENTON, NJ. – A package of pro-commuter bills sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick protecting New Jersey’s E-ZPass customers who use New York’s bridges and tunnels from being overcharged was approved today by the Assembly.

The legislation is in response to an AAA study that found drivers who purchased E-ZPass tags from out of state agencies are being charged the cash rate instead of the discount rate at New York bridges and tunnels operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Between 2012 and 2016, of the 92 million out-of-towners who didn’t receive the discount rate, 70 million were New Jersey drivers. 

“Certain drivers are receiving preferential treatment because their E-ZPass was issued by a New York agency.  We need to level the playing field for all commuters,” said Rooney (R-Bergen). “One of the primary reasons E-ZPass was created was to offer drivers discounted rates. These bills are an effort  to help ensure the integrity of the system.”

“E-ZPass discounted rates should apply equally to all drivers regardless of where they purchased their pass,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “The current system penalizes millions of New Jersey drivers.”

The first bill (A5147) directs the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to update its website to warn New Jersey E-ZPass customers that discounts at out-of-state toll facilities may not apply to New Jersey E-ZPass customers. 

The second (AR284) urges the MTA to provide discounts to New Jersey customers, and the third (AR285) encourages the NJTA and MTA to enter into a reciprocity agreement to provide E-ZPass discounts to residents of both states.