Rooney bill makes paperless tickets consumer-friendly

TRENTON, N.J. – Concert goers, sports fans and the like will have an easier time using paperless tickets in New Jersey. Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney’s bill (A3338) changes state law so the tickets can be transferrable without fees and the original purchaser’s credit card isn’t needed to get into an event.

Paperless tickets require the purchaser’s credit card and identification as proof of purchase to enter an event. They are not e-tickets that can be printed out by the buyer, or a digital ticket that can be viewed on a smart phone.

“If a person can’t go to an event and wants to sell their ticket they have to pay a fee and somehow give the person who bought the ticket their credit card. That’s a costly liability to give someone else your credit card.” Said Rooney (r- Bergen) “In my experiences with paperless tickets there is more danger brought to the consumer than the protection that is supposed to be provided,”

State law requires the credit card that was used to purchase the paperless ticket be swiped when entering an entertainment event. People who can no longer go to an event also have to pay a fee to sell their ticket, forcing them to take a loss for being inconvenienced.