Bills Sponsored (2022-2023 Session)

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2022-2023 Legislative Session
Bill No. Synopsis


Requires public utility requesting rate increase to hold public hearings in every county.


A185 Permits board of chosen freeholders to establish “Sharing Resources” grant and loan program to encourage shared services and municipal consolidation.

Amends definition of “harassment, intimidation, or bullying” in “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.”
A187 Requires State to award certain property tax credits as rebates.
A188 Requires prescriptions for animals to be issued in name of animal owner; prohibits unnamed persons from possessing prescribed drugs; and requires Prescription Monitoring Program to include information about controlled substances prescribed by veterinarians.

Requires publication of certain information related to toll discounts on E-ZPass website.
A190 Extends “Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Act” to include administration of epinephrine auto-injector devices by individuals in possession of devices pursuant to personal prescriptions.
A191 Exempts State residents 65 years of age and older from certain hunting, trapping, and fishing fees and license requirements.
A192 The “New Jersey Right to Home Defense Law.”
A193 Requires cable television companies to provide faster Internet access speed to certain customers.
A194 Requires cable television companies to provide cable television service and broadband Internet speed to all committed service areas before cable television companies allow paid prioritization of Internet network traffic.

Prohibits circumventing security measures for certain online ticket sales.
A196 Requires State entities to recycle certain materials and provide recycling bins in State buildings.
A197 Authorizes medical marijuana for treatment of substance use disorder; authorizes all patients to be dispensed medical marijuana in edible form.
A198 Regulates performance of pet grooming services.
A199 Exempts law enforcement and certain other emergency personnel from liability for breaking into motor vehicle to rescue animal under certain circumstances.
A200 Prohibits use of schools as polling places.
A201 Authorizes first responders to obtain, administer, and dispense opioid antidotes, with immunity, pursuant to Statewide standing order issued by State health official; makes clarifying changes to “Overdose Prevention Act.”

Increases age of dependent for whom gross income tax exemption for higher education expenses may be claimed from under 22 years to under 25 years.
A203 Authorizes creation of special license plates commemorating horse as State animal.
A204 Requires certain cable television companies renewing system-wide franchise to make cable television service available within certain municipalities.
A205 Requires DOT to provide additional information in annual report on pavement condition and conduct pavement lifecycle cost analysis; make report available to public.
A206 Requires certain candidates for employment with DOE to undergo criminal history background check.
A207 Requires transportation network companies to provide riders with certain information and to issue illuminated identifying markers; requires MVC to create transportation network company driver database.
A208 Raises pay for election workers to $300 per day; permits counties to provide additional compensation to election workers; appropriates $7,000,000 to Department of State.
A209 Prohibits MVC from charging service fees for online services.
A210 Permits licensed motor vehicle dealers to facilitate issuance of titles and registrations for used motor vehicles purchased by private sale.
A211 Authorizes certain county fire coordinators to display emergency warning lights on vehicles.
A212 Authorizes issuance of classic NJ license plates.
A213 Enhances penalty for failure to stop and report hitting, running over, or injuring of certain animals with motor vehicle where animal is killed.
A214 Prohibits use of deposit funds by event venues for certain purposes; establishes certain requirements for event venues during declared public health emergencies.
A215 Exempts medical alert devices and services from sales and use tax.
A216 Requires installation of safety gates, lights, and other safety upgrades at certain railroad crossings.
A217 Prohibits Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit investigators from interviewing certain children without prior parental consent.
A218 Requires municipalities to hold referendum to approve reduction or reallocation of funding or resources for certain law enforcement agencies.
A219 Requires child care center vehicles to be equipped with alarm system prompting driver to inspect vehicle for children left unattended in vehicle.
A2205 Allows gross income tax credit for volunteer firefighters.
A2923 Mandates that “Honor and Remember Flag” be displayed at certain public buildings.
A2924 Establishes “New Jersey Alzheimer’s Disease Master Plan Study Commission.”
A2925 Limits use of paperless ticketing systems.
A2926 Creates “Congestion Pricing Cost Relief Commission.”
A2927 Establishes measures to improve transparency and accountability of regional authorities of this State; enhances oversight of those authorities by Governor and State Comptroller.
A2928 Prohibits Department of Agriculture from regulating minimum property size required per number of honeybee hives.
A2929 Designates “Suicide Awareness & Remembrance Flag” as official State flag.
A2930 Requires MVC to offer driver’s license knowledge test in Italian.
A2931 Establishes certain exceptions for emergency personnel operating personal watercraft while providing rescue services.
A3383 Provides Student Population Density Aid to certain public school districts.
A3384 Establishes grant program for school districts to develop in-district and collaborative special education programs and services to reduce need to place classified students out-of-district.
AJR67 Designates September 22nd of each year as “Veterans Suicide Awareness & Remembrance Day.”
AR16 Urges Argentina to fulfill its Superfund obligations for Passaic River and elsewhere.
AR17 Urges Metropolitan Transportation Authority to provide E-ZPass discounts to residents of NJ.
AR18 Urges NJTA and Metropolitan Transportation Authority to enter into reciprocity agreement to provide E-ZPass discounts to residents of New York and NJ.
AR19 Urges Congress and President to increase funding for fusion energy research.
A132 Revises procedures for securing permit to carry handgun.
A336 Requires electric public utilities to establish interest-free revolving loan program to help residential customers purchase standby emergency power generators.
A352 Permits certain drivers’ schools to conduct road tests.
A355 Establishes fund to reimburse municipalities for police and sanitation costs related to crowding at MVC sites; appropriates $500,000.

Prohibits State aid and grants to municipalities that reduce law enforcement budgets by certain amount.
A550 Requires telecommunications service providers to provide call mitigation technology to subscribers.
A714 Allows certain drug dealing offenses to be graded by “units,” rather than weight, of controlled dangerous substances.
A771 Requires registered voters to present identification when voting at polling place.

Provides for reciprocity of certain out-of-State EMT certification.


A893 Provides employment protections for certain medical professionals diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder under certain conditions.
A957 Requires third-party disbursement service organization that contracts with local government unit or board of education to post bond against failure to meet obligations.
A958 Revises law concerning disposition of assets of a county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals that has dissolved or has had its charter revoked, canceled, or suspended.
A1039 Upgrades penalties for certain crimes committed during a state of emergency.
A1042 Establishes State Debt Capacity Advisory Commission.
A1053 Prohibits the sale of adulterated candy in New Jersey.
A1125  Extends certain federal income tax advantages of individual health savings accounts to individual taxpayers under the New Jersey gross income tax.
A1127  “Madison Holleran Proper Reporting Act”; requires institutions of higher education to post information on student suicides and attempted suicides on website.
A1128 Revises and updates public utility franchise process; allows State’s political subdivisions to revoke franchises; increases certain penalties.
A1136 Requires physician to offer to test patient for dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency prior to patient undergoing chemotherapy.
A1139 Removes 48-hour provision for acceptance of ballots postmarked by election day; increases penalties for violation of ballot messenger and bearer limits and candidate prohibition.
A1208 Requires DOT to conduct study and issue report on use of rock salt on roadways.
A1271 Permits excused absences for students who attend civic events.
A1409 Requires defendants charged with certain crimes to be placed in home confinement prior to trial.
A1417 Establishes “Affordable Housing Obligation Study Commission.”
A1426 Requires certain notifications and free credit reports for customers following breach of security of personal information within business or public entity.
A1441 Requires State entities engaging in projects resulting in deforestation of any size to submit plan to DEP for no net loss of forested areas.
A1997  Prohibits certain actions relative to endangered and threatened plant species; directs DEP commissioner to take certain actions to protect endangered and threatened plant species.
A2023 Requires electric, gas, and water public utilities to disseminate outage information to customers through autodialed telephone call, text message, and electronic mail alert service.
A2692 Exempts poll worker wages from affecting unemployment compensation.
A3704 “Gas Price and Inflation Tax Credit Act.”
AR114 Declares support for Ukraine; expresses solidarity with its citizens.
AR123 Adopts articles of impeachment concerning Robert Asaro-Angelo, Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development.

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